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Tyre Questions


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Hey everyone,

I was just wondering if any of you actually use winter tyres and how much of a difference you find they make. I know that they have been proven to be better in winter, but I just thought I'd ask from personal experience. I've also heard that with lower profile tyres it's more worthwhile?

Also, any idea what tyres Ford put on the Fiestas straight out the factory? I'm just curious!


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I use winter tyres on my mondeo. The standard tyre size is 225/45/18 iirc, but for my winter tyres I use steel wheels with 205/55/16 (I'm not sure if that is the size but it's close enough.

The difference between the two in the cold weather is incredible. Much more grip and confidence. They were expensive but that said, at roughly the same price as an 18" tyre, they will break even in the long run as I'm not destroying summer tyres through the winter.

This winter will be my 4th with the winter tyres on the mondeo.

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Always use winter tyres, have a set of Michelin Alpin A4 and steel wheels for winter. As above the difference is night and day and when it does snow you can go sailing past everybody as they slide about.

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Haha okay, thanks for the tips guys!

I'm not gonna have the money for winter tyres this year (my current car gave me an unexpected bill and ruined my plans), and not getting the car until October anyways... How much did you guys pay for a set of steels and winter tyres if you don't mind me asking?

Thanks :)


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