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Capt Black

Focus Mk2.5 Brake Replacement

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Hello enthusiasts,

I am trying to change my Front Brakes and It looks like I will have to replace my discs as well. I have had a look at ECP and I have tried to use the discount code and it is not working but that is secondary to what I am trying to get form this forum.

I know that my car uses 278mm diameter 5 holed but I would like to upgrade to 300mm drilled and grooved discs and not sure if this is possible.

Can anyone advise me if this is possible and suggest a link to purchase?

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I'm sure you can use the 300mm discs. Not sure if you can.use tge original callipers though. They may need to be bigger?? I'm sure someone will confirm this though.

The ecp code only allows you to use it if there is no other deals on that item. Which is not very often. Try eBay for the discs and pads. But go careful of cheap ones.

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For certain if you go to bigger discs you'll need new caliper brackets or new set of calipers and suitable brackets.

Don't know if there's a caliper set-up off another Focus model which suits the bigger discs, gets more complicated if you're having to make brackets as they'd need to mount the inner pad as well as the caliper sliding pins. Generally aftermarket kits will have generic calipers then spacer brackets to suit different diameter discs but the brackets are a lot simpler for 4 or 6-pot calipers compared to those needed for the OEM sliding calipers on the Focus.

Perhaps hunt through some forums to see what's available to use the bigger discs?

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