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Who Would Choose This Colour?


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Colour no, a bit too LOUD, reminds me of a heavy night on Mad Dog 20/20 back in the day..
5 Doors YES
If Porsche, Ferrari and Aston Martin can do it, why can't Ford.
Some buyers need the practicality of 5 doors.

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Very similar to the green of the focus RS! Would love one in that colour!

Fancy getting the TGST - tarnock garage wide body kit put on as well!


But at £7000 fitted I think it's slightly excessive! Although with the wide body lint I could get the RS rear wing put on too!


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Yeh definitely no to 5 doors in a small sporty car it's just not right

This. Also I like the colour but I wouldn't choose it for my own car, if that makes any sense. I think the same about Molten Orange.

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Looks like a mini Focus RS! 5dr would open up the market also I believe. I love 5dr small hatches since I find it a pain to move the seats when somebody wants in or out. The MyfordTouch looks way better than the standard Head unit in euro cars. Also the mood lighting looks amazing! And finally, I love Car tech and Brian Cooley.

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Sandy, you may want to get to a Doctor if your snot is that colour.

It's more of a ......had too much LSD / exposed to too much PU-238 and now it's night time kind of green.

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