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Fiesta Mk7.5 Front On Mk7


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Hi im new to the forum. Im in a process of buying a fiesta. I love the look of the 7.5 but just cant afford it. My very close friend buys, fixes then sells salvage cars. He has told me that he can get me a decent mk7 fiesta with lowish miles and minimal front end damage. Panel damage basically. So as I have to buy a new front end I thought as im bringing the little ford back to life then why not make it look younger too :-)

Has anyone done this and could give me a step by step guide.

What parts would I need.

What parts are different and which ones are the same (the wings look the same to me on both models)

Are there any complications?

Thank you all so much for your help :-)

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If it's possible and the chassis mountings are the same, which I couldn't tell you. You'd definately atleast need two new front light units,bonnet,bumper,grills and possibly front wings.

I'm sure if you've got the patience and maybe some rewiring skills for the lights (different plugs) if needed, then it could probli be done, just see if there's a mk7.5 being scrapped on eBay with a rear end collision and get all the front end from it :)

Let us know the outcome

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Thank you for your reply.

As im a skint student who works part time i cant really afford for trial and error.

I was going to buy a front end damage mk7 and then buy all mk7.5 parts needed.

Im really hoping someone has successfully done this and can tell me all i need to know.

I love the look of your st but i wouldnt put that kit on as i hate the thought of driving something less powerful then it looks lol.

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It is possible, a guy from the Dutch Fiesta Forum has done it.

You need a new bonnet, bumper (with all the accessories), headlights and a wiring diagram to make the headlights work (the headlight connectors are different).

I can't help you with a guide, but maybe you can sent Tasi (dutch fiesta forum) a message.

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Like said you can do it but its a lot of work and money you will need new wings for sure bonnet bumper headlight wiring fogs grill and not entirely sure if the bonnet mounting points are the same but good luck!!

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