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Ford Etis - Build Dates.


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Ey up.

Just a quick question about the ford etis site and vehicle build dates.

I've got a new Fiesta Zetec S on order, I checked the build date on Sunday the 17th august and it was showing the build date as the 16th of August, so i thought great, its been built.

I checked etis on the 19th and the build date had changed to the 18th, a bit weird i thought but just assumed it to be an error or something.

I checked eitis again this morning and the build date has changed again to the 20th, so now i'm a bit confused.

Any body had a similar thing happen to them or know why it would keep changing?


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I'm not sure if etis is up to dat enough to give you a build date, that seems to be giving you the next days date every day you look at it.

Call your dealer and get an update and screenshot if possible from their VISTA system. This will show build and ETA dealer info.

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