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1.0 Ecoboost Superchips?


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So when declaring to insurance you declare the modification with over boost yeah?

This is similar to what I had to tell my insurance company about the MP215, basically they were happy to insure it as modified with up to 10% increase in power, with engine management (I think they refer to it as chipping) and air filter. There was a bit of confusion about just how much power it has because of overboost, but I think they only care about the percentage increase and what has been done to the engine, I may be wrong though.

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I would just call and talk to them about it, each insurance company might deal with these things differently. From the figures in your first post that's a 25% increase in power, so really all the need to know is that, and that it's a remap I think.

Edit: or was that 31 bhp increase comparing it to the the standard car without overboost? If it's actually +16 bhp on overboost then that's a 13% increase.

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I agree with Phil I think they would be comparing standard output with modified output without overboost. I would avoid confusion by mentioning overboost and keep a printed copy of the SCC power ratings to back up what you have said in case of any disputes in the future.

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