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Replacement Stereo Query..

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We are looking to replace our default Focus 2008 car stereo due to water damage and have a couple of queries as to our options.

Is it possible to fit a double din stereo in this focus as Halfords told us that this is not possible - only single dins will work.

If going single din, what parts would we need to fit/replace what is currently there? We are looking to get a DAB stereo so obviously would get that and an aerial to go with it, but obviously not sure which facia to get for single din and what cables would be needed for the steering wheel control to work?

Was looking on this site as it seems to have the better prices than in general retail shops:

http://www.caraudiodirect.co.uk - any pointers would be good.

See the attached image of what our current stereo looks like.

Hoping to get a response soon as we are hoping to get this sorted before we go on holiday in 2 weeks.



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Don't waste your time with halfrauds you can get an identical replacement as your stereo on ebay I didn't have this one but similar in an older car,sat nav bluetooth etc worth a look, the sat nav was good too.

If you don't want another radio like that find your local radio shop, this way its road radio to name just one, they will do you a bundle of what you need and even fit it for you saving you all the headache, let us know what you decide and how you get on.


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Halfords talk rubbish.

You can fit a double din with no problems.

Fascia adaptors are available from ebay-


As long as you buy the correct loom adaptor to match the Ford connector to any radio you choose then it's plun'n'play.

You need to make sure it includes a remote interface so your steering column controls still function.

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Is it possible to install a DAB radio and use a convertor that will allow you to use the factory AM/FM aerial without the need to install a DAB aerial?

Many of those Facia's say they're for Focus 2007, unsure what the difference is between that and a 2008 model.

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If you are installing dab you need the dab aerial. There is a guide for this in the guide section

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I have a guide for installing an original Ford DAB but if you intend fitting an aftermarket unit then you can use aerials that either don't need n updated Ford aerial or tap into the original aerial and split the signal behind the radio.

The difference between the 07 and 08 radios are purely to do with shape and fitting methods.

The radios are totally interchangeable with a couple of parts added, removed, or swapped.

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