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2003 Ford Focus 1.6 Auto

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I'm new to this forum and I'm not very good at these things so I apologise now. I have come to the end of my tether with my Focus. It seems to be allergic to rain which is not very helpful when you live in the UK. Not every time but every couple of months when it is particularly wet outside it cuts out and will not start. It has been to two different garages who cannot diagnose the problem. They seem to think it maybe the key or immobiliser but I have tried the spare key and it still cuts out and they also called in a Locksmith and £100 later still no answer.

It broke down Monday after the torrential rain and only this afternoon has it shown some life and turned over and I was able to drive about 20 feet before conking out again. The time before this it broke down in the car wash so I'm certain the rain is the problem.

Has anyone had a similar problem and most of all do you have an answer? When it does work I'm afraid to use it as one of the last times it broke down in the middle lane of the A12.


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Theres 2 obvious things to check first is after rain and before starting it pop the bonnet and check where the spark plugs are and look for water secondly is check under the passenger footwell carpet to see if you have a leak now if both are ok then when the car cuts out does the rev or speedo needle drop to zero if so the vehicle speed sensor on the gearbox needs replaced if that doesnt happen it coyld be a faulty dash display the garage youre using either doesnt have a clue or is taking you for a ride as any half competent mechanic would know to check these first so ide suggest using a decent garage to get a proper look at the car

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Thanks for this. Yes I was planning to take to a different garage but have previously gone on recommendations from friends but it's obviously not worked out.

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