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Subframe Bushes??

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Hi, This is my first posting. I've owned many fords...(escorts, mondeo's, a puma.....)

I currently have a 2001 Y reg Mondeo 2.0 Petrol with 65,000 miles on the clock. I've had it 4 years and with the exception of a new inlet manifold at a cost of £300 last year, it's been good as gold.


In recent weeks it has began 'creaking' from the rear suspension over bumps and when breaking etc..

On my last MOT I had an advisory notice to say that the rear subrame bushes were 'deteriorated'. From a bit of web research I see that this is a common one with the Mk3 mondeo although other comments on websites seem to indicate that worn subframe bushes result in a 'knocking'. This doesn't help with me in diagnosing my 'creaking' but a visual inspection does seem to indicate that the bushes are in poor condition. However while under the car, with someone else rocking it, I honestly can't identify where trhe noise is coming from other than to say that it's the suspension in general.

My local ford dealer has quoted me around £600 to do a new subframe and bushes or £400 for bushes alone! They are not keen to just replace the bushes alone because they claim that if they do, the bushes will fail again within a year, therfore a whole new subframe is necessary (I don't believe them and I don't have a spare £600! kicking around). :(

My question(s) therefore are:

1. Has anyone else had a similar creaking and was this subframe bushes?? If not what was the cause???

2. How easy are the bushes to fit. I'm fairly competant with basic car maintenence, (i.e. oil changes, plugs, filters etc). Is it a job that can be done at home or is it an expert only job?

Grateful for any feedback.



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Hi Fidget, I recently part ex'd my 02 Moneo LX. It had also suffered the symptoms you describe, it knocked and creaked from the rear when going over bumps / pot holes.

I took it to my local (non dealer) garage who told me it was the subframe bushes, but they couldn't fix it and recommended I return it to Ford. They couldn't do it because it would require re-aligning the subframe, which they didn't have the equipment for - that suggests to me that, in answer to one of your questions, it's not a home job.

He also said it would cost me around £500, that was two years or so ago so your quote is not far off the mark.

I also asked him what the consequences were of not having it repaired - to which he replied "you'll have an annoying knocking". Well, I lived with that knocking until the last day I had it and became very good at avoiding potholes!

If i'd have had the money though, I'd have had the work done.

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i would go with new bushes but not at that cost, Ford produced a TSB that allows dealers to replace the bushes without removing the subframe, this is a 2 day job as they have to allow the new bushes to set with loctight but the cost is far less then you are quoting, only takes around 2 hours to do and bushes are around £40 so around the £250 mark is fair

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Hi yes it can be done by a home mechanic if you know what you are doing . Poly bushes are available and the sub fram alighing tools are available I got mine from Burton Power

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