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P2008 Code Help Please


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Hi all really hoping for some help with this. I have my eml on at the moment and I have read the code as P2008 on reader. It is the inlet manifold control valve that is faulty apparently. The car is sluggish too so I know there is Deffo something wrong. What I want to know is can this be fixed by myself or is it a garage job? I'd like to know where the part is that needs fixing and if when I try and fix it will I need many parts etc. Hoping someone has had similar problem or if someone can advise please. I know there are lots of great mechanical minded people on here so please help. I would rather give it a go myself if I can so all help appreciated. Lee

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P2008 is the Intake Manifold Runner Control - Open Circuit.

Answered previously: http://www.fordownersclub.com/forums/topic/7103-p2008-intake-manifold-runner-control-circuit/

Hi thanks. That brings up a link to tailgate leak. Any other link please. Car is a 2010 focus zetec S 1.8 duratec he. Just had all throttle body off today and cleaned all carbon off. Well as much as I could get down to in the engine. Cleared code too so hoping it cleans it out. Amazing how much carbon build up there was. No wonder things get clogged up. Might invest in terraclean soon.
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