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Tints Or Sunblinds?


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By tints, do you mean the tinted foil that you place on your windows ?

I have tried applying a small screenprotector on my smartphone and it took me 1 hour to get is on a 3,5" screen without bubbles. :(

A few years ago I had the idea I could put a sunscreen on top of my car's windshield. After 15 minutes of trying it wrinkled it up angry and throw it away.

If I were you I would buy sunblinds, they can easily be taken off. :rolleyes:

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I have shades in my fiesta atm & they are excellent (ford ones) & I had a set in my focus before that (bought from van styles). The vanstyles ones, the rear window shade was in 2 parts and the seam down the middle of the back window was annoying. I would get the Ford ones (made by climair).

fordpartsuk.com sell them (listed under fiesta 2008 external parts section, but should fit newer fiesta too).

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Going down to fords tonight after work to see if I can have a look and feel to see if I will like them. Hopefully they will put them in a display car... Fingers crossed

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