Steering Wheel Remote Not Working

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A few yrs back I successfully replaced the stereo on my Ford C-Max 08 reg twice with 2 different Sony
after market units including the steering wheel control and it has been
working fine until today when I tried to replace the unit with a JVC

I got the JVC patch lead hooked up to the stereo and also got the steering wheel controls working for a short time.

Now the steering wheel controls have stopped working and to debug the issue I installed my previous working Sony unit and the steering controls still don't work.

I tried replacing the stalk adaptors and the problem still persists.

I am not sure what else to look for.

Any ideas or pointers?

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Found out that the JVC unit was "faulty" and it seems to be the case with a few models.

Switched over to a Kenwood unit of similar spec and it is working as expected.

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