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Limp Mode Before Turning Engine On

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Hi all

1.8t dci Mk2

My car is experiencing a little problem when it has be off for a long time and all latent heat has gone.

Basically, I turn the power on, wait for the glow plug light to go out, and then 3-4 seconds after the glow plug light goes off, the red exclamation in a cog wheel light comes on (power train malfunction, so the hand book says). SO before even turning the engine on I am looking at this little red light. Starting the car and it remains.

This red light is on only for a short while, once the engine has warmed enough (about half a mile of driving) the light goes off and all my power returns.

If i allow the plug light to go out and then very quickly turn the engine on, the red light doesn't have chance to come on and consequently I can pull away with full power.

It is almost like a sensor is tripping, but i don't know which one it will be.

Or, the glow plug(s) is not warming the chamber(s) to the right temp.

Any Ideas?

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Get a code reader on it, but mine did something similar, at least on startup. If you gave the glow plugs chance to think, it went into limp mode immediately. Just turning it over quickly and it didn't seem to notice.

As the 1.6 TDI (mine) uses the plugs for DPF regeneration however, mine had a habit of coming back on after a few miles driving. New glow plugs in the end sorted it.

Code reader will tell you for certain though. I used a bluetooth one and an android phone.

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