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Hey peeps,

I have a new shape ford focus 1.6 petrol titanium. Is there any way to get more power out of it with out doing and drastic changes to engine?



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If its the standard 100bhp then you can but its not worth it a remap at £399 may get you 5-10 bhp more a sports cat and exhaust will get you maybe 5 bhp at a cost of £600 at least a bigger throttle body will aid this but again £100-200 for that

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The 1.6 Duratec engine (Sigma engine family) has a lot of potential. The performance of this engine can be improved relatively easy. It is even a better base to start from than the 1.6 TI-VCT (115 HP) engine. The only question is how much money are you willing to spend to improve performance.

Note that depending on the stock firmware version many of the 1.6 Duratec engines already have more than 100 HP. The few I know from were all between 105 and 112 HP.

I have done some modifications myself on my 1.6 Duratec. In my opinion these modifications make a big difference. Before I started I tested my car on a rolling road. My car has a low mileage and always has run on RON98 fuel. Before modifications it already had 110 HP.

On these engines the air intake is the biggest restriction. To allow more air flowing into the engine I started to optimize the air filter housing and resonator. I removed all restrictions and unnecessary material. I replaced the stock airfilter with a K&N panel filter.

After the air filter housing and resonator were optimized the stock 45 mm throttle body was the biggest restriction. Because there are no larger throttle bodies available for this type of engine I decided to modify a stock 45 mm throttle body. I enlarged the stock throttle body to 50 mm and installed a new 50 mm throttle plate from a Weber carburetor. The larger throttle body makes a big difference. This makes the engine feel a lot smoother and more powerful.

After the air intake was completely optimized I installed a Superchips remap which is also a big improvement. At the moment my car has over 120 HP. My next modification will be a custom made stainless steel exhaust. At the moment I still have the original exhaust which is not bad but for more power it needs to be replaced. Because I can do most modifications myself it did not cost me much.

For more power it is required to do some (more expensive) modifications. There are some engine specialist who can get up to 190 HP out of this engine. To do this you must perform (at least) the following modifications:

* Install adjustable camshaft sprockets and custom camshafts

* Install a custom made inlet manifold with motorcycle throttle bodies.

* Install improved connecting rod bolts (necessary for higher RPM).

* Remove the rev. limiter.

* programmable ECU.

As already said technically there are enough possibilities to get more power out of this engine. The biggest restriction will be your wallet.

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Not sure where you get those figures from but below are the mods by a pro tuner and the dyno result

2009 Ford Focus 1.6 100bhp


Power remap now running around 115bhp with a more responsive throttle

and evened out possible flat spots in the engine. The car was running a

BCM induction kit, 4 branch manifold, de-cat and custom exhaust.

given the cost needed to get more power from the car youre cheaper buying a more powerfull car you can improve the handling of the focus which is just as good this is a pro company who tune ford engines and have for years give them a call http://www.burtonpower.com/tuning-guides/tuning-guide-pages/ford-zetec-se-tuning-guide.html

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Superchips do a remap (its not Bluefin- you have to locate a Superchips dealer) -


It costs £230 and increases the power by 9Hp (the maps for NA tend to be cheaper - probably due to the realatively small improvement ) measured 103Hp stock (Superchips dyno seems to get a bit mare power than others, it may be the way its run or the air cooling )methods they use that give better results) to -112Hp - 9hp is not a lot and it is reconed you need 10% juet to notice an improvement

With the Superchips remap and a freer flowing panel filter (eg, K&N) (may increase power by 1-2Hp, about £30- £40) it would be a realatively easy/ painless way of increasing power - but a small increase for the money

Im not belittling others efforts to tune this engine - but its really not a good engine to tune - more of an intellectual challenge - but if you dont have the knowledge, skills or inclination - better to start with something with more potential , because its going to cost a lot of money, be a lot of work/ hassle for realatively little gain

For example, an ST225 already starts off with 225PS with just a (Superchips) Bluefin 271Hp and 435Nm (no phisical mods at all)


these sort of figures are out of reach of the NA 1.6, (again - not bellitling others efforts to tune a difficult engine, put 112 or 120Hp is small potatoes and not really that much of an improvement for all that work/ money/ hassle Wilco - t would be good to see a breakdown of costs and see some dyno printouts - a 100Hp turbo diesel might expect to easily get 130Hp with a remap alone)

OP -

I would say seriously consider getting a quicker car rather than messing about with the NA 1.6 but the remap and panel filter if you must

Wilco - perhaps you should produce 50mm throttle bodies on a limited basis for FOC membars and sell them on the site, along with has flowed airboxes etc (they could be sold on a deposit/ exchange basis ) and along with a remap/ panel filter could be a cost-effective way of getting a bit more power out of the NA 1.6

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