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space saver wheel

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Jack your maths seem right my friend, however to get to within a millimetre of your 205/40/17 = 595.80mm (which is the same as my steel spare and my standard titanium wheel / tyre combo), you could consider :-

195/55/15 = 595.5mm

165/65/15 = 595.5mm

215/50/15 = 596.0mm

185/65/14 = 596.1mm

165/50/17 = 596.8mm

205/40/17 = 595.8mm

But you should check with Fords for peace of mind ................

Obviously the more low profile the tyre the more expensive the tyre so 185/65/14 would seem the obvious choice to me as you already have the 14" wheel, but if you were lucky enough to have some spare cash you could get another 17" alloy to match the 4 you have now you could fit 205/40 (as you have now) and if you kerb an alloy you only have to swap the tyres round and you will have a newwie back on, and the marked one as a spare

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