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Lack Of Powerr, Stuttering, Juddering Issue


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Hi everyone,

I currently own a 54 plate Ford Focus 1.8 16v Zetec 5 door, I have owned the car since April but after a week or so I discovered a fault with the car and I am having trouble locating the source as to what could be causing the fault.

My symptoms are : Rough idle, it sounds the engine is jumping and misfiring it can be felt when sitting in the car and when viewing the engine you can see the engine judder and shake when this occurs.

When accelerating at full throttle I can feel the engine hold back when I it 3,000rpm this continues until the engine passes 3,500rpm, the engine will hold back more in each gear, when I get to third the engine will not pass 3,000rpm and in 4th and 5th the engine will judder, shake and feels like it is trying to stall, the shake can be felt throughout the whole car. However, if I do not apply full throttle this problem does not happen, it only happens on full throttle. Also when I hot a hill the car loses speed gradually no matter how much throttle I give it, on a steep hill I cannot maintain speed and have to drop the gears to keep the speed up.

Here is what I have changed and had done in an attempt to correct the problem.

Full service changing, spark plugs, fuel filter, oil filter, oil, air filter and pollen filter.

New clutch and slave cylinder.

Replaced coil pack.

Replaced HT leads.

Replaced PCV Valve and crankcase hose.

Had a compression test done with the following results, Cyl 1 - 120 Cyl 2 - 120 Cyl 3 - 120 Cyl 4 -115

Used a OBD reader which showed no fault codes.

Changed the MAF sensor.

Cleaned all air hoses, there was thick black oil in the cam breather pipe and hose connecting to the air box, I changed the small filter in there as well which was caked in old oil.

All of the above did not cure the problem or make a massive difference, a slight improvement can be felt but not much.

The engine had a cambelt change at 107k according to the service record, the car was not under my ownership at this point so I cannot be sure if it has been changed or done correctly if it has been changed.

Occasionally the battery light will come on while driving but will go out after around 10 seconds, this is probably not related but thought I would mention this in case it might be.

Any help would be appreciated.

Thank you.


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Thanks for the reply and advice dezwez.

That had been suggested to me by a few people, but I was told that the engine would hold back more the more the engine revved. What symptoms did you have? The as I have described or different?

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Look at the rear of the throttle body with the engine running theres a u shaped pipe rev the car by hand from the throttle and see if the pipe collapses if it does that may be the issue other than that fuel pump sounds like its running too lean at throttle starving the engine

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A cat is a thought, thanks dezwez.

I have changed the pipe artscot79 as it had collapsed and it didn't change, a fuel issue trigger a eml or a fault code wouldn't it?

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Not really had a few mates in the past whos pumps were failing and no codes were logged only happened bad on full throttle they would get 3500rpm and the car wanted to die live data gives the fuel rate and will show if enough is pumping leaky or faulty injector can cause it too as well as the cat to save spending a lot of money since youve done all the normal checks ide have it hooked up at ford to see if its a cat fuel pump or injector

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£80 or so well up here anyway its about that given youve spent a fair bit and the price of pumps etc ide have it confirmed no point replacing the pump and having the same issue

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Yeah I have spent quick a bit trying to sort it already, would be great to find the issue and fix it first time, can I only go to ford for this service? Or would a non ford garage have one?

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