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Ford Focus Mk3, 61 Reg Reversing Camera

Barry T

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Hi all,

Has anyone fitted a CAM-FD3 (number plate light/camera)

The unit comes with an led light with 3 wires black ground, white LED POWER ( positive) and yellow key.

I have not removed the old unit yet still waiting for delivery of a monitor and wireless units, going to test it first to see how well it works wireless or I may connect video cable direct to a foldable monitor.

Do I use the yellow key wire ? Haynes wiring manual does not show it.

But the wiring diagram on this forum shows a wire from the light going to a switch maybe to control the tailgate lock or a sensor to detect if the light is faulty.

There is no resistance reading on testing the yellow wire to the black or white wires just an open circuit.

I must admit I am new to led lighting, the led light works, but testing it with a meter there is on open circuit, which ever way I connect the meter. With light emitting diodes you do get a reading one way.

I have tested the camera direct to the video on a television and I am pleased with results.

I know when I remove the original unit I may find the answers, but I want to be prepared if possible so it all goes without a hitch when I install it.

All help appreciated,

Barry T

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