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Are All Small Ford Space 4 Stud Space Saver Tyres Interchangable?


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Can anyone kindly tell me if an old Ford Focus ST170's space saver should fit my 2014 B-Max.

I've spent a hour googling about space savers and I'm depresingly none the wiser. I can't see a Ford space saver webpage.

I'd guess both small fords have the same standard 4 holes and the same rolling radius, outside diameter?

I saw one mention of leaving room for disc brakes & they are on the front of a B.Max, but assume ST170's would allow room.

(I'm not worried about how high it sits under the boot carpet)

Thanks Geoff

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There is a website that allows you to compare PCD and centre bore. Can't for the life of me remember what it is...Google should be able to help if no one on here does

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Thanks for the term 'PCD'

whichwheels.co.uk confirms All Fiestas from 1973 to now use : PCD 4x108 & centre bore 63.4mm

& they add "4x108 is a common Ford fitment, hence Fiesta wheels are often interchangeable with other models, such as the Focus"

So Thanks Sean; It confirms the 4 holes are fine & therefore I it would seem the only query now is ...

Do Fords make their small car spacesavers with different bulges in them to allow for different brake systems ext?

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www.wheelfitment.eu : has a page of "offsets" (another new word for me)

B-Max offset is 37.5

Focus & Fiestas (after 2002) are 47 but they don't mention Focus ST170s (a Focus RS is 42)

so as I read it a Focus/Fiesta spare would be 10mm closer to the wheel arches if put on a B-Max. But that seems very odd as some e-bay pages lump b-max & fiesta spares together in one product?

(I used 'what is offset' here... http://www.fastcar.co.uk/2012/01/12/what-is-offset-and-pcd/ )

But space savers are skinny tyres, so perhaps that won't matter too much, to get to a garage??

Seems I could still use some more help if anyone is in the know about these things


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The space saver on the ST170 is a bit of an oddball from what I remember - believe it was sourced outside of usual Ford suppliers because they were struggling to find a suitable sized wheel which also cleared the front brake caliper. Think it was the same as one fitted by Audi?

Then again think I also heard it said that on the ST170 you could only fit the space saver on the rear and you'd have to swap wheels rear to front in the event of a front puncture? Luckily I didn't get to find that out for myself.

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