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Ford Injector Issues 1.8 Tdci - Ford Wont Tell You About Them - Must Read


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14 hours ago, Cos1975 said:

variated the throttle to try and replicate the judder but nothing. Its left me in quite a pickle really. If it was a wiring fault how come some resets could make it behave a 'bit' better?

The software in these cars, and in fact just about all modern software, never ceases to make me confused and befuddled!

Without calibration factors to enter, I assume the software must be self-adjusting to compensate for differences. A reset will, I suppose, put it back to a nominal state, which will not be ideal, but should work. Then if the whole system is behaving as the software writers assumed, the adjustments will slowly bring it to the more ideal state.

Thus on an older car, which behaves differently to a new one, the adjustments may take longer, and may sometimes fail to operate properly. The assumptions will be based on new cars. So how long it takes, and whether it works at all, will depend on the state of the whole engine, and how it is driven in the 1st 100 or so miles after the reset.

The ECU can only measure injector performance indirectly. Knock sensors may help, by recording both sharpness and timing of the actual ignition, but other measurements like fuel consumption (injector pulse width needed for certain conditions) may well be used. But whatever is used, steady driving conditions for a few minutes at a time at a variety of different speeds & powers will help. It can not adapt while accelerating through the gears, for example.

Give it a bit longer, and see if a wiring related problem returns. And try to keep an eye on those DTCs. They can appear even with no EML on, and if they continue, it would suggest some underlying cable problem that is upsetting the system.

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Awesome thanks Peter, I will go steady and keep an eye on it and I will report back as soon as I have any new news. Many thanks for you insight and help so far it's been invaluable.  Thanks again

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On 11/23/2021 at 6:05 PM, Kjv said:

Well i probably found a solution.

The problem could be a simple ground wire....

A friend of mine who is a car reseller told me "have you tried to put a battery cable plug on the motor and the ground on the chassis?" i had this problem on a car.

Those lasts day i made tests and the car was on fault mode at each running test (less than 10km before fault)

So I resetted the pcm and kam module with elmconfig v2. 17c and plugged a battery cable like my friend proposed and then the car was totally different... Far less glitches during acceleration (1 every 10km at 2200rpm) and no fault 40km later....

I will continue to do tests and update this thread.

hi everyone

Update : well the injector n°2 totally shut off when i took the car to do 30km...
new probability : the wires... the car is at 30km from home, i will try to find a solution to get the car back then i will rewire the connectors...

something im sure, next car will be a car from the 60's, no electronic, nothing  modern , just a chassis, motor, wheels and steering wheel!!!

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On 12/14/2021 at 8:28 PM, Cos1975 said:

Update 14/12/21

I don't want to tempt fate but,  since my last post, reset of module I have had no issues at all. 240 miles attained..

Just keeping the thread informed as and when

Hi all, and a happy new year to you all.

This is merely an update to my woes that I suffered regarding my injector issue.

As from the update on the 14/12/21 I can confirm that there is still no errors so it appears after all the injectors were replaced, a module reset is needed as the injectors do not need recoding. It seems the module will relearn in place of no injector factors being entered, if that makes sense.

I'm still holding my breath but still.. fingers crossed that's it.

Just wanted to end my discussions here as it's always irked me that threads tend to end without last comment. Many thanks to you all, esp tdci Peter for your help.

Hopefully the next time I post here will be to help others HNY

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