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Water Leak


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I need some advice, my 2004 focus 3dr has a water leak into the boot the water is coming in on the D/S/R and is pooling between the inner and outer wings in the space by the body vent. I have sealed up the body vent, the triangular trim by the D/S/R side window and the securing plugs for the D/S/R light cluster. I am now lost and this is really making me lose my love for my focus.

Any help would be gratefully received.

Thank you in advance


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Have a look at the attached PDF, it gives some good pointers for leaks.

Smoke pellets and UV dyes can be bought off eBay to do the more advanced tests.

Good luck, I know how annoying a leak is and trying to find out where its coming from.


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Hi,last winter I had the same problem. Lifted my boot carpet and shock horror , water was pooling in the spare tyre well. After a lot of faffing I now have a bone dry boot :) My advice is start from the top and work your way down.

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light cluster screw holes there are foam pads that dont really do the job new ones wont help for long either if you remove the 2 screws holding the lights in youll see the fittings screw the screw in a few threads and use pliers to pull upwards and the fitting will pop out use a good quality sealant such as marine sealant around the edges and push it back in also on the rear bumper at the hatch there are 2 more of these that youll see a screw either side of the hatch when its open seal these as well than see if the leak reappear the above guides good but on the focus theres so many hidden areas that a leak can look like its from one place but its not you may also have to remove the rear bumper as its not unusual for the seam sealant to leak at the flap area

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