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Adhesive/sealant For Skirt


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yeah if you want to do the job right mate you need the proper stuff Halfords used to sell tiger seal but i havent seen them sell it for a while some car shops and parts stores have it on the shelf.

if you havent used it before i suggest some rubber gloves and some white spirit you need to be carefull with it as its mega sticky and can get everywhere so gloves are a must if you do get it on paintwork or need to clean it off a rag with some white spirit will take it away

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Definitely do not use any over the counter stuff. I used some, kit dropped straight off. Ended up using some sealant that builders use, and even that went wrong. Also, be prepared for it to get real messy. Preparation is key. I tried putting a bodykit back on a Mondeo ST24, well, I will let the photos speak for themselves...



After a day of setting, the nearside dropped off again, the offside held though!

Never again. I will definitely have some knowledgeable assistance next time I try something like that.

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You may find Tigerseal at some independent motor stores if Halfords don't sell it.

I've used windscreen PU in the past for bonding various things on, and several pairs of latex gloves are a must! Once you've got any of the stuff on your fingers it's ok to carry on as long as you don't touch anything else, the stuff sticks to everything and transfers over as soon as you touch anything else. I usually bin several pairs during a job rather than risk everything else getting covered in the stuff.

Some kits for fitting spoilers and the like come with activator/primer you apply before putting the PU on, or as an alternative you can give the surfaces a gentle wipe with brake cleaner or similar first. Don't go overboard with this as I've seen light traces of the paint colour on a rag after applying it.

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