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Focus Zetec S 2.0 Tdci


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Hello all,

I'm new on here and looking for some advice. Basically I'm looking in to buying a new car. I have been looking at a 2.0 tdci Zetec S Focus. I was just looking for a few reviews from you guys out there that one one really? How do you find them?

I would really love an ST Focus or Fiesta, but insurance being 22 would be a bit more, plus I do quite a lot of miles 15,000 a year plus, so in reality the diesel is probably the better choice.

Any advice would be appreciated guys


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When you say new, do you mean new factory order or new for you?

I have the titanium x which has the same 163 engine as the Zetec S. Very grunty engine same torque as an ST, but it does have a bit of a heavy nose on turns.

Check this video out, Ford Focus Zetec S video review 90sec verdict:

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It will probably be year/2 year old. Ultimately it's just going to be a workhorse, that's why I'm going to hold off on an ST, so it just needs to be comfy, quiet, and have a bit of poke for overtaking. I'm coming from a golf 1.9tdi, so I'm guessing it will be fairly similar to that in terms of running costs?

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Long term average in the car is around the 48 mpg mark. That will be about 75% motorway I reckon, get more if your doing a slower journey, like 50+ mpg if your stuck at 50/60 mph.

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