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Help Any Ideas? Mk4 Noises!


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Does anyone have any ideas about what the noises I have coming from my car could be?

I have a fiesta zetec 1998 mk4 1.4 petrol.

It went into the garage for MOT in July - need front nearside coil spring changed and suspension ball joints replaced!

So replaced both wishbones and nearside springs and got MOT!
Asked them to check back shoes and was told needed replacing so agreed!

They did this for me and ever since the car has made a noise!

The brakes screech-when I brake there is a creaking sound, when I go over a bump or break sharpley there is a crunch or thud sound!

Took back to garage and was told nothing wrong!

Changed the other front spring incase this could be problem! still making the sounds!

since then - handbreak has been adjusted few times and breaks have been bled again - no improvement!

Front disks were done few months before MOT!

Break fluid levels checked reg all fine!
But the noise is getting worse!

Garage say its nothing!

My partner can't find anything wrong!

But its getting worse and I dont feel safe driving it anymore!

The noise occurs whenever I use my brakes- starts as a screech, sometimes it sounds like a cable creaking! Then when the momentum of the car changes either through braking or by changing gears/ manouvering up a drive etc the car makes a cruching sound followed by a thud!

Today I drove to work 30 mins and when I stopped following reversing onto the drive their was a loud thud - like a brach had hit my car! checked all around couldn't see anything but as windy thought maybe it was that! had to move my car at lunchtime - no major noises just the normal creaking! Then drove home and as parked an enormous thud again scared the life out of me I thought something had hit the underside of my car! again can't see anything!

Sorry for the rubbish explaining but I am blonde! :whistling::iim:

Any suggestions as to what I can get checked would be appreciated!

Thanks for your time,


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