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Mk7 3Rd Remote Key Programming


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Hi all

Just aquired a Mk7 2010 Zetec in hot magenta with all the toys and very pleased I am :)

The car has come with the original 2 flip key remotes so a good start. My previous car was a 2004 Focus that I bought a 3rd remote for and could self program to operate door systems and program immobiliser as well.

The fiesta is causing me an issue. I have searched the web and it appears that the key can be programmed for door sys operation but the option to program the immoblliser is turned off via OBD by Ford at manufacture for various reasons.

When I try to program my new 3rd key (not genuine Ford) the PATS light will flash and accept the key. The car will then start BUT as soon as I take the key out and then put it back in to start the car the car doesn't start and the PATS light flashes rapidly. The door systems all still work OK.

I'm guessing that this is the rolling code that prevents the key starting the second time.

I don't want to pay Ford dealer prices and have found my local locksmith charges £45 to program the key, they clone the key not program like at dealer.

I always preferred not to have a cloned key but my thinking goes like this. Use the cloned key on day to day basis and if it gets lost I still have 2 original keys. Having said that do I need 2 original keys if I can't self program anyway?

If anyone can confirm the programming vs clone options I would be grateful.

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Latest update.

I found a local key and lock smith in Oxford and he was quite happy to program my 3rd key and he did it properly via OBD not cloned and all for £35 so i'm well made up. Can't reommend Neil highly enough, he is polite, replies to your emails / phone calls and delivers what you want at a great price and no he hasn't paid me to say this.


Incidently my local dealer quoted £72 so not as bad as some have been quoted. Hope this helps people with the same issue.

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Where you from Dave? Oxford is only a stones throw from me and I was considering getting a 3rd key done so I can use it daily and not worry about losing it! And was yours keyless entry/push start as that may change stuff..

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