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How Good/bad Are Fiesta Gearboxes Really?


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I've read a fair few posts saying - slips out of gear on over-run, doesn't seem to go into reverse fully etc. First gear can be a bit awkward on lots of cars IME so thats ok. I said elsewhere that I had to have a box replaced on a new XR2, 2nd crunched from square one. You guys go on about orsas but if my Tit box (LOL) is anywhere near as good I'll be chuffed. Very smooth, accurate gate, just the right amount of stiction (after ~70k), gears feel as though they "lock-in" (detent?). A cracking box.
Oh yea, my orsa has found out about my Tit. Since I ordered it I've had to replace 2 blown indicator bulbs and a punctured tyre :)
So far.

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The only Ford car I can remember driving that didn't have syncro on first gear was a very early production MK2 Cortina (1966)

Not only does the iB5 have syncro on all forward gears, first and second are double synchronised.

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I agree, I did change the oil in mine and it does sound less clunky when downshifting to 1st.

Having the semi-auto it downshifts to 1st when slowing to a stop where you would probably just knock it into neutral with a standard manual.

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I ma driving 09 plate mk7 for 1 week now (just picked it up). Been driving two mk1 Focus (51 and 53 plate) before. With Focus always struggled to put into reverse, very often had to depress clutch several times ... Reverse with this Fiesta is just brilliant, always gets in and always very soft. Really like it. I also like this gearbox has longer shifts. My last Focus had 1.8 petrol with 115 BHP. To Drive like normal human being on a motorway (read : 70 mph) I had 3000 rpm on 5th gear. With this Fiesta (1.6 TDCi, 90 BHP no DPF) with 70 mph on 5th gear I have around 2400 rpm - absolutely brilliant ! To get 3000 rpm, I have to speed up to 85 mph ish. Some say fuel consumption between 70 and 80 mph is up to 25% increase, however I don`t find it like this with this Fiesta. It likes a lot being driven 75-80 mph. Gives me easily 58-59 mpg with this speed.

I know this is not fuel consumption related topic, however wanted to share my experience in regards this gearbox, as for me it is so much better than with previous mk1 Focus I had (both of them). The only possible down side I can think about is difference between 1st and 2nd gear. Let me explain : when driving in slow traffic, sometimes the speed is too high to 1st gear so you want to put 2nd, but when done it, rpm is just under 1500 which this engine doesn't really like .... so too fast for 1st, but too slow for 2nd yet - hope it makes sense.



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