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Sorry if this annoys some of you which i know it will but i have a few questions about some mods i want to do to my 12 plate fiesta metal.

  • Headlights after some pure white ones but not hids as i dont want to get a failed mot so what ones are best?
  • badge overlays i know dmb got told off for these but do they still sell them?
  • Number plate bulbs im after some pure white ones again just not sure on which bulbs are the correct ones
  • What springs are best for a drop thats better than standard but not coil overs as still want the comfort.

Thanks for any help given :)

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Number plate bulbs any 501 fitment smd LED Bulbs will be fine loads on eBay.

DMB can't do the ford ones, so send an email to gelbadges@gmail.com as they are exactly the same as the DMB badges

I fitted Halfords ultrabrilliance (2for1 at the moment) they are bright and white, other have gone for osram night breakers or Phillips.

Springs, I wouldn't go lower than 35mm Eibach or H&R are both good makes. I have the Mountune ( made by eibach)springs ready to go on my ST.

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If you have projector headlights. I don't think you would have a problem at MOT time if you had HID lights fitted. Mine went through fine.... Don't believe all the hype.

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