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*** Fiesta Titanium 63 Plate "!st Service"


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I've just had a reminder from my local dealer that my 1st service is due soon (1 Year old on 26th November), and I would like to know what price I should expect to pay?

Also, due to a back injury just before I picked my car last November, I've not really driven the car and, consequently it has only 450 miles on the clock - now I know they should change the oil and filter on the service but, given the extremely low mileage, does anyone actually think they will change these service items?

I'm also thinking that over the last year, there may have been software updates available (especially for 'Ford Sync' and Apple IOS 8.1) and I would like to know if I should mention this and if they will apply them FOC? I think that they should apply any available updates FOC; especially during the first year.

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Updates will only be applied FOC if you are having an issue.

First service should be around £150 I think, everything will still be changed due to the age, regardless of mileage. It has to be done to maintain the warranty.

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Furrows in Shrewsbury. Also includes their year breakdown cover. They are an ok dealer, then again, I have said I'm either getting a Mustang or a 2015 Mondeo depending on how the Mustang drives, in the new year.

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