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Footwell Lights


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Can't be bothered to search for this.

Am I right in saying, just get some nice red 501 W5W bulbs to fit in the footwells? how many do you actually need for the Fiesta, 2 or 4?

Now a better question. who on here has modded theirs so you can have them on all the time? Any links etc would be good, have a free weekend for the first time since March ( wife taking the boy up Norf ) so yay I can make progress ( after a massive lie in of course )

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1 bulb in each side.

Someone probably has made them come on all the time, you would just need to connect them to an ignition live.

Do you need to see your feet while driving? Lol

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Cheers, I'll buy a pair now.

No not really lol, just like the idea of having a little glow in the foot well, should match the ambient lights quite well as red interior bulbs are never really bright, would probably be quite easy to branch it off the Ambient lighting as it'll run through the dash anyway, being only 1W shouldn't affect anything.

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