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Disc Issues On Fiesta Mk 6


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I was wondering if anyone was knowledgeable or experienced the same problems as me.

I have had 4 sets of new discs on my fiesta in the last 9 months due to them continuing to warp and shake, it makes my steering wheel and brake pedal shake. I've also had 2 new sets of brakes and pads in this time. My new discs last me all of a month and start to shake and judder again. I have had several mechanics look at my car and can not find anything wrong with it other than my discs have warped AGAIN! Today I had a very unusual loud pitched squealing noise when the car was standstill and in neutral and the other night I tried to pull off my driveway and the car would not move the steering was locked, i was revving and trying to turn the wheel but it wouldn't move and I assure you the steering wheel lock was off or the car would not start! I had this looked over but yet again the mechanic could not find a problem... all the power steering and that were fine. I've had the chassis looked at for the disc problem but that seems to be fine too.

If anyone could enlighten me on ideas please do. Thanks

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Have the calipers been checked, you could have sticking pistons and this can cause warping of the discs. Also, new discs should be fitted in with new pads, as you've done..... BUT, they should be bedded in, avoid harsh breaking for a few hundred miles.

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