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Secret For Glossiest, Gleaming Fiesta - Unrivalled And Effortless??


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Think I have seen some earlier comments on best products but couldn't find them so forgive me for raising again.

My new Fiesta had the Diamondbrite treatment and I have used the products with great pleasure and success, however getting low and need to top-up but am wondering who has found the ultimate products that are beyond compare??

There are so many to choose from!!


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You can buy diamondbright glaze and wax on eBay. A quick look shows £6 or £10 for them together. Considering the cost of having it on a new car, it shows how much of a markup Ford are getting, if you pay for it. The shampoo is pretty much a standard car washing shampoo. but is also available for around £10, again on eBay.

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