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Winter Wheels/tyres


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I have a 2013 Titanium 1.0 Ecoboost 125 which has standard 16" x 6.5" 195/50 tyres.

Looking at getting a set of winter tyres on wheels for easy changeover/etc... storage isn't an issue. However, I seem to be in a minefield of sizes, profiles and offsets that I can roughly get my head around but would like a proper recommendation!

I figured I'd drop to a 15" wheel to save a few pennies on both wheels and tyres - should I then use the 15" x 6" 195/55 sizes that are fitted to the car as standard in other trims/configurations? I'm thinking of sticking to stock sizes for insurance purposes mainly, but also so there are no speedo issues... or am I misunderstanding something there?

The offset is, I think 38, but many sites list the possible range for the car as 35-48... is this correct? I'd assume that 38 would be best, particularly so there are no insurance worries.

Thanks in advance!

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I had a set of 16" winter tyres when I had the ZS Ecoboost last year. I have now invested in a set of 16" alloys so I can use them again on the ST (which is on 17" wheels as standard)

The size is 195/45 R16. I tried the wheels out a few weeks back when I jacked the car up and swapped one of the wheels over and everything was fine. If you buy a spare set of wheels, I think the key measurement is called PCD. Its the distance between the bolts and from memory, it is 108 on the Fiesta.

The wheels cost me £100 off eBay and were very manky. Full refurb (in graphite now) for £140 and they look like they have just left a shop! Superb!

Tyre Pneus is a good site or love tyres. Worth having a look around to see what sort of money you can get a set for. I paid about £360 for a full set of market leading Continental TS850.

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Just as an update, I have just phoned my insurance company (Sainsbury's) to inform them of the fitment of the winter tyres on the smaller 16" wheels this Friday. They said that's fine, duly noted and thanks for calling. I re-iterated that the wheels were different to standard wheels but they said they are not bothered about the wheels, just the tyres. Amended paperwork with winter tyres noted will follow in the post.

Job done.

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