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Focus Zetec Very Poor Fuel Economy


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Hi all, this is officially my first post on here of many hopefully :D ! So I've recently joined the Ford club in the shape of a 2006 Focus Zetec 1.6 (petrol) and after having it for 3 months I've noticed that the fuel economy is the worst I've ever seen in a car. I say this because I've never passed the 30 MPG mark, the most i usually get is about 25 MPG. I've read up on possible causes but I've one by one tried everything in my power to improve the fuel economy with no improvement. I would say that i drive economically and even drove around for a while just to test out tips given online. I do a mixture of both city driving and driving on A roads, at times after a shortish journey i look at the fuel gauge and can see a massive change in the level of fuel.

Now my question is, is there a possible fault with the car if so what could it be or is this karma for all the Prius bashing :unsure: ? Thanks in advance!!

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Well I'm guessing it should do better than that.

Are you taking your info from the readout in the dash or are you working it out manually?

What sort of miles are you getting from a full to empty tank?

Have you reset the instruments so your read out is based on your driving style?

Has the car been serviced recently. If it hasn't it may need one?

How does it run is it tough and lumpy or does it seem ok.

According to honest john if it's the normal 1.6 100bhp it should get about 36 real world mpg.

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What fuel station do you use?

Some company's don't churn their fuel regularly and that contributes to less mpg

I always use tesco and it always lasts me ages

Also try cleaning the tank if it dragging crap throw the filters it will be less

I use redex probably every 3 months it keeps everything nice and clean and running smoothly

Hope this helps

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I can confirm that Asda petrol is one of the worst for MPG. I used to only get 34.3 with my Renault megane then started using Shell then it went to 38.4 on clock but I think I was getting even better than that! Wouldn't use Asda fuel again.

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