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Ford Fiesta Black 2003 -Overheating


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Hello hello!

I so hope I'm posting this question in the right place, I often get lost around forums... Apologies if I haven't.

I guess I should also apologise in advance for the ridiculously girly question I'm about to ask (I know nothing about cars...)

So... I have an 03 Ford Fiesta Black special edition, I've had it since new and 2 years ago I stupidly forgot to put oil in it and blew the engine (I know, I know...). I've since had a new engine fitted and it's ran fine ever since.

Unfortunately now, there seems to be steam and a burning smell coming from the engine whenever I drive for like more than 5 miles so something is overheating. I've just checked under the hood and the hoses behind the engine seem to be the likely source.

Before I go down to my garage to get it fixed, has anyone got any suggestions to what it could be?

The turbo fan doesn't seem to have kicked in since the new engine was fitted... :S

I have a newborn and I'm paranoid I'm either going to breakdown with her in the back, or worse, have my car set on fire.

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I wouldn't continue to drive it with this problem until you have it checked, especially with a newborn child in the car.

Have you checked if there is any water left in the expansion tank (radiator, white tank with a yellow screw cap on it)?

If not then fill it to the Max line before you take it to the garage or it may result in another bust engine! :)

Sounds like you may have a perished water pipe, or the heater matrix has failed. Could also be water pump if you're really unlucky :(

Have you noticed any pools of water under the car?

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