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Anyone Had Their Mk6 Remapped?


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Hi All.

Just wondering if anyone has had their mk6 fiesta remapped and what their thoughts were over the responsiveness after it was done?

I have a 1.4 Duratec which is being used for endurance road rallying. The regulations restrict us to 1400cc and we have to use a standard engine, catalyst has to remain in place, however, air filters, cat back exhausts and re maps are allowed.

Currently I have a cone filter on a large CAI as well as a stainless steel cat back system but wondering if the remap was really worth considering having done for a few extra horses? I'd love to do the cams & have the head ported but there is no way I'd get away with it! Lol!

I also have an ST inlet manifold I was hoping to 'tweek' to fit the throttle body off as the whole unit isn't a straight swap. The base plates are different but the wiring is the same so should just be a case of an adaptor plate between it and the original inlet manifold to get some more air to the engine.

Anyone got any ideas, advice or experience?

Cheers people ;)

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I had my 1.6 remapped, got good gains from it and actually improved mpg driving the same - was impressed, not that you need it for mpg aha. What ps/bhp is yours out of interest?

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Depends where you look, parkers say 78, others say 86, not that it'd make a blind bit of difference! Lol! ... Ive been quoted figures of 6-12 extra bhp & 12-20nm if I was to have it remapped.

If rather not waste £160 on having the work done if it's not worthwhile, however, if it does help the responsiveness I'm interested, thus why I'm asking if anyone's had any experiences. Neither you or I seem bothered by the improved mpg, but it'd be a good selling point while blogging the Mrs! Haha! ;)

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