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Ford Ranger Back Axle


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I bought a 2007 Ford Ranger to ship to Cyprus. Hired a transporter to ship the car to Southampton docks. Get an e mail to say crew won't load the car onto the ferry as it is making a funny noise. Employ a mechanic to see what the problem is. Turns out the back axle has broken up due to no oil in the diff. Small corrosion hole meant the car had been driven for some time with no oil as there was no trace of oil at the docks or on the transport company yard.

I now need to locate a second hand axle, but the identifying tag on the axle is missing so I need to find out the ratio. If we miss match the axle with the transfer box....big problem.

Does anyone know how we can identify what ratio the axle is. Car is stuck in the U.K. And storage costs are mounting up even before I get it repaired. Thanks in advance. Wez. Cyprus. post-59896-0-02372500-1415421820_thumb.j

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Normally if you apply to any breakers on line they will ask for your reg of the ranger so they can supply the right part, ford may be able to track it through the reg too, either that or a recon place to have it rebuilt.

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