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New Fiesta 1.0 Ecoboost Titanium X 5Dr "carwow" Offer


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I configured a new Fiesta on carwow last night and I've had three offers so far and two of them are the same and I would just like to know what some of the more informed 'price conscious' members think of the offer show below:

New Fiesta 1.0 (100ps) EcoBoost Titanium X 5 Door in Race Red @ £16,745.00 (£17,270.00 RRP)

Options (£525): Active City Stop £200

Front parking sensors £150

Variable boot floor £75

Full size spare wheel £100

Lowest offer so far: Cash offer £14,943.00

Finance/Ford Credit £14,193.00

Dealer states that both offers include the Ford £500 customer saving

The dealer states that finance offer includes £750 Ford contribution for taking Ford Credit

This offer includes £30 Fuel

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Just put your exact spec in drivethedeal.com and it came back with £13,360.84

Extra Information
The quoted prices include a £1,100 discount which is conditional upon you taking out finance arranged by the dealer and taking delivery of your new car in November. If you do not wish to take out this finance then you will need to add £1,100 to the prices that we quote. In the event that the dealer we put you in touch with is unable to supply a car that matches your requirements before 30 November, then please add £250 to the price quoted. When taking advantage of the November offer Ford Finance are also offering the ability to defer your first payment until February 2015.Note: You only need to borrow a minimum of £2,500 on Hire Purchase finance to qualify for the above sums of money.

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Hi iNath & all other members who have replied to my post; thanks for your input.

Nath, that's a great price from drivethedeal for the Fiesta that I've spec'd but what type of finance is it to get that price? I don't really want a PCP contract were, to own the car, you have to pay gmfv at the end. If I have finance, it will be Ford Acquire and it will be for a minimum amount over minimum years. I also would not want to defer any payments because I like to start paying a month after the agreement is setup plus, you start paying interest right from the start and I don't want that either.

I have a November 2013 Fiesta Titanium 1.0 80PS 5 dr and, due to a back injury last November, I've not been able to drive it that much so, as a consequence, it's only done about 450 miles from new. The car is like new and although, so far, it's had very little use, I do hope to get back to using my car and quite fancy the Titanium X with the 1.0T 100PS ecoboost engine and extra toys.

As stated, the price quoted is from carwow and I now have have 5 quotes but that one mentioned above is the lowest. I've not contacted carwow yet and so I've mentioned that I have a part exchange. How much do you think my present car is worth if sold privately and if part exchanged against, for example, the car I've detailed?

The price from drivethedeal is around £800 cheaper that carwow, if you buy via finance. There is also orangewheels which I will get a quote from.

If I did go for the Tit X, I've been thinking about adding the same entertainment system but with the built in satnav - is the satnav system any good (i.e. like tomtom)

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We used Buyacar, Fiesta 1.0 Ecoboost 125, 5 Dr, Titanium X, Candy Blue paint and Sat Nav option, £15,040.00 on the road price. With our Part Ex (2009 58 Reg Focus 2.0 petrol Titanium), we paid £9,624.00.

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