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Sluggish Gearchange, Mk2.5 Petrol 1.6


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I have had this 2008 Focus 1.6 style. estate. petrol (24k miles) for about a year and a half now and the gear change just doesn't feel right.

When changing gears it feels like the syncro is sluggish, there is a resistance that takes a long moment to overcome before engagement. This is more pronounced with a cold engine. Generally I put to put the clutch to the floor ( but that doesn't seem to make much difference) even though the clutch starts to disengage close to the top, and can slip the clutch quite close to the top.

Have lived with this old bus slow gear change and think back to the positive shift on the old escort.

Any ideas , or is it " there all like that mate" oh please no!

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Hi Fellas

I have not checked the oil but there is no sign of a leak so I assume ----

The action on the gear stick, well it feels like It hugs on to neutral when moving through the gate and then when gear engagement is approached the syncro is not swift, perhaps constipated would discribe it. It happens on all gears, you get to the syncro, hold it there until the gear drops in.

So instead of 2nd,3rd,4th its 2nd um 3rd um 4th through the box.

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You should check the transmission fluid first. My experience is that Ford saves money by filling the transmission with a minimum amount of transmission oil. On all Ford vehicles I owned I had to add about half a litre transmission fluid to obtain the correct transmission oil level.

On my previous MK2 changing gears was sometimes also a bit sluggish. Especially when the engine was cold or at cold ambient temperatures. After filling the transmission fluid to the correct level and adjusting the shifter cables correctly there was a major improvement.

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