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57 Plate Mondeo Titanium X - Tyre Wear


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I bought a 57 plate Titanium X last October (08) 2nd owner with low mileage.

Since Feb 09 I've had to replace all 4 tyres which isn't cheap!

I don't know if it's my driving style, although left my boy racer days years ago.

The main wear seems to be on the inside of the tyre which cracks and disintergrates, and in the worst case the tyre came completely away from the inside of the alloy.

Anyone any ideas / suggestion? Am I doing something wrong or is this something I just need to keep my eye on and make sure the tyre pressure is spot on.



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you could have a four wheel alignment check done to see if anything is amiss, although mondys are renound for eating tyres only got 18000 miles out of a set of bridgestones.

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Hi Mark

My old one ate tyres, only on the front though!

The rears last a lot longer, lucky to get 12,000 miles on the front set I had fitted in January but wear over all the tyre, I have had no problems with them wearing unevenly. May need your tracking looking at as recommended on prevous post.

Will have to wait and see how long they last on my new one!!!


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Lets see how long I get out of these but will be keeping a close eye on the pressure, and booking in for a full wheel alignment asap.

All the best


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