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Fiesta Sometimes Beeping As I Turn The Ignition Off?


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Hi All!

My 2009 Fiesta Titanium sometimes beeps 6 times in a row as I'm turning my engine off after a drive. Not sure why this is - its not because I've left my lights on and I don't seem to get any warning messages flash up with the beeps.

It doesn't do it all the time but enough to concern me. The beep sounds like the beep you get when the petrol light comes on, but 6 times in a row - it comes from the dash.

I have looked at a few threads on this but cant seem to find any answers. Is it something to do with having a low battery maybe?

If anyone knows what this is and can tell me I would be grateful!

Thank you!

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This was covered a week or so ago. Plenty of people (myself included ) are experiencing the same symptoms as you are. But nobody was actually able to shed any light as to what causes it. Irritates the life out of me just not knowing.........?

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