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Fiesta Indicator


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This is a silly question but this issue is really annoying me. I have a ford fiesta zetec (2010 model) and it's great and everything but does anyone else hate the feel of the indicator stalk when you push it up or down to indicate? (feels really clunky and horrible). Is there a way of making it feel smoother/softer.

i've taken my car to a allen ford garage and they said there's nothing they can do-that's just how it is but damn it feels like some super cheap fisher price toy.

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My indicator stalk feels fine too, certainly not like a fisher price toy!

Worst car I have driven ever! Is a corsa, you don't even know if you're indicating or not! Believe you me the ford technicians and engineers thought things through properly when they designed the indicators

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i had a ford focus (ghia model) before I got my fiesta (awesome car-built like a tank lol). Maybe I'm just being picky but the indicator does feel rather harsh, the windscreen washer lever on the right feels ok though-has a more smoother feel to it. This is the only issue really that's stopping me from really enjoying my car.

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