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Advice On Cat Back


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My personal opinion is its not worth the money (£400-£450) for the small power gain (if its under 10% its reconed you wont notice ) the actual gain is not claimed but it says 140Hp on the pumaspeed website (miltek + map) and Superchips claim 138 so on that basis its 2Hp (but the Superchips dyno may be different and seems to read higher than some others) i would doubt you will see a 5hp gain and you really need +13 Hp to notice a significant difference

Its typical of NA (naturally asperated/ non turbo) to see very small gains

So if your exhaust is in good condition its probably not worth it - if you need to replace your exhaust it may be worth getting the miltek though, as its stainless, and the tailpipe will look good - just dont expect big gains

PS - a high-flow (sports) cat and manifold (you can heat-wrap the manifold/ downpipe for a little bit extra gain) may be nessesary to get the most out of the exhaust - again, quite expensive for realatively small gains on an NA engine

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Don't bother with Miltek full stop, go with Piper, far better exhausts, better welds too, Milteks are known to fail and split, not the best to deal with when it comes to warranty issues either.

Decatting helps a lot, as above getting a 4-2-1 or a 4-1 manifold provides good gains but huge money, you'd do a K just putting a Mani, decat and zorst properly. also run the risk of it becoming very loud and unbearable on Mways.

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