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2013 Fiesta St Tpms


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Hi I'm not sure if this has been discussed before as I can't find any threads on this. I have a 13plate fiesta ST 2 and looking in the owners manual it says it has a tire pressure monitoring system which should be reset after checking tyre pressures. I checked the pressure of all four tires and changed them accordingly and followed the manual on how to reset the tpms by going to menu> vehicle settings> Deflation detection. In the vehicle settings menu there is no option for deflation detection. So my question is does it actually have a tpms or is this only certain models as I'm sure all new cars must have this as standard from 2010 onwards. Or is it hidden somewhere else and the manual is not correct.

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As far as I'm aware the manuals are generic so it'll list everything. The chances you don't have it, the only thing I can suggest to check it is turn the ignition on and see if you have the symbol on the dash when it 'self tests'.

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Yeah, this is standard now, at least on my fiesta Titanium 14 plate. Not quite sure what it's called but don't think it says deflation system. It can be reset in the vehicle settings in the on screen dash menu. Wish there was a fuse to remove it as got aftermarket alloys and flags an error every time, as the sensors are in the valves of the OEM wheels. It's EU law from what I've read now.

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