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Differences Between 100Hp And 125Hp


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Good night .
my name is and I am joaoremedios Portuguese (sorry for my english ) I ask for your help to buy a fiestaaaa
I wonder what the differences between the engine 100hp and 125hp because in Portugal the difference 3mil €
if I could help to know the differences thanked
Thank you all !

if you will translate to English:

boa noite.
o meu nome é joaoremedios e sou portugues(desculpem pelo meu ingles) peço a vossa ajuda para comprar um fiestaaaa
gostaria de saber quais as diferenças no motor entre 100hp e 125hp pois em portugal a diferença de 3mil€
se me pudessem ajudar para saber as diferenças agradecia
obrigado a todos!
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The engines are phisically the same and the difference is in the factory engine map

it is possible to buy a 100PS version and have it remapped to about 135 - 140HP

the 100PS is good anyway

the turbo is also the same?

then the only difference there is in the remap ?

are you sure ?

how can you confirm that are the same ?

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They are definately the same :). The only difference you might notice is the marking on the turbo but that is to do with where it was made, not the power output. Although the marking is a number so dont let it mislead you :).

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The engine & turbo are the same

I didn't buy either, I know because a friend of mine is looking at one for his first car & he's asked both the salesman & mechanic and has read a lot of forum posts and put together all the pieces :)

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