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Mondeo Mk4 Interior Light Not Working


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Hello, I have a small but annoying problem with my 2010 mk4 mondeo 1.8 tdci

Both the front and rear interior lights will not work when opening the doors

bulbs are ok because they will work if I put the switch in the permanently on position

Any help would be great

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Managed to check this out a bit more

I pulled the interior lights down and they have 3 wires for the bulb circuit

1. brown/green 12v

2. black/white earth

3. white/brown which goes to the body module

I checked the white/brown wire at the body module with a meter and it shows 12v when the light switches are put in door mode

If I earth the wire the interior lights turn on, so the wiring from the lights to the module must be intact

Just to add the footwell lights work as normal when the doors are opened and closed so assuming door switches are working fine

Does this sound like a body module fault? Is there any other reason why it won't turn the interior lights on?

Is there any reset you can do on the body module?

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It could be as simple as the switch. Try this, take the light unit out, pull the switch out altogether and turn it around 180 degrees and reseat it! I did this on my rear light and it works a treat! (OK so 0 is On and 1 is off lol, but it works!)

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