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Guide: Fitting Dual Camera Dvr System Focus Mk2 & Mk2.5


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Guide: Stealth Dual Camera DVR system Focus Mk2 & Mk2.5


I've post this information in my build thread but figured it would work quite as a guide aswell considering the quality of the kit is exceptional.

Shopping list:

DVR System:


TF/Micro SD Card 32Gb:


Piggy back fuse adaptor:


USB Socket kit:


Suction cup disc:


Super Steel Glue:


PVC Tape:


8.4mm Ring Crimp Terminal:


Where possible the above items have been purchased from the same supplier to save money on shipping,

AutoStar are top supplier of automotive electrical equipment my number one supplier throughout all my guides quality guaranteed.

The USB socket kit I've chosen has two sockets,

So if like me you have a tomtom Satnav,

You may wish to purchase this USB cable to power your Satnav from the USB socket aswell freeing up the 12V socket in the centre console:


The goal is to mount the 3.5" DVR unit hidden inside the glovebox mounted on its suction cup arm,

It can be flipped down if required.

It will be powered by the USB socket which is also mounted inside the glovebox and power is provided by the piggy back fuse adaptor pluged in to a 12v ignition feed.

The DVR unit also has its own internal rechargeable battery just the same as a Satnav,

It can be set to wake up and record if movement is detected outside of the vehicle when the car is parked, without draining the car battery,

The system automatically begins to record when power is provided from ignition,

It can also take still photo images on command.

The video quality is 720P HD

The unit records two separate videos in full screen for both front and rear camera.

The cameras themselves are quite discreet and following this installation guide will provide optimum stealth results.

So here's the DVR system and whats in the box:







Rear Camera:


Front Camera:


Standard 12V to USB supply:



Screen mount:


Now to get fitting,

Open glovebox,

Remove several screws

Slide out glove box

Bring to table or work bench.

At this point we need the glue and suction cup disc:



Mount the suction cup bracket from the DVR to the suction cup base and trial fit,


As you can see the roof of the glovebox isn't flush smooth,


I first trimmed down the suction cup base in a bid to obtain complete flush contact between base and roof:


Quick trial fit and still not 100%



Using some PVC tape; attach end of loom to a hard length of grass strimmer line or cable makes it easier to fish through the Goose neck.

Such as this:












When through the Goose neck,

Gently remove the rubber seal from around the boot door,

Route cable with attached plastic line;

Out from between roof lining and roof of the car until all is through.

Next remove the parcel shelf for temporary storage,

Remove the two torx screws securing the side panel.

Next using a flat head screwdriver;

Remove plastic grommets in C pillar panels revealing some Philips head screws.

Remove these screws to allow s

Refit parcel shelf


Close boot door,










Rear camera now fitted inside 35% tint, not even visible from outside 🙂



Front Camera also fitted routing cable down passenger side A-Pillar inside rubber door seal cavity. :



Now installing the USB socket kit:


I had initially planned to mount it on the top rear section of the glovebox opposite the vent,


On physical trial fit though; there's not enough space back there to allow it fit,

Best alternative option was the upper right corner of the glovebox.



I haven't got the required size of hole-saw to drill it,

So I've used the bracket as a template for cutting it out with a dremil;


Quick trial fit inserting it in backwards for trial purposes,

Don't worry about rough edges because there's a lip on the socket covers it from view as you can see in images below;




Now fitting snug,

Time to remove and insert the correct way around.

Prior to putting on the securing plastic ring.



Looking very tidy inside the glovebox 🙂




Installing USB cable,

I had this 1.5M USB cable that came with my tomtom Satnav back in 2010 so I've chosen to use it for this installation because it has a 90 Degree fitting that works quite well with the design of flip down DVR.


I didn't like the idea of trailing the USB cable inside the glovebox as it looks untidy and liability of getting caught up in things,

So i cut out a small section in the top of the glovebox allowing the small plug pass through,


When the cable is through;

Plug in the USB to the socket,

Create a comfortable elbow on the cable inside the glovebox.



Patch inside area of the hole using PVC tape,

Then mix up a small bit of Super Steel to patch up the hole from outside the glovebox,



The PVC tape on the inside will hold the glue while it sets hard filling the gap 🙂

Tape can be removed after 20 minutes of applying the glue.

I then masked up sections of the usb cable,

Prior to applying some more Super Steel weld,

Then removing tape after 20 minutes,

Bonding the cable to the glovebox nicely.










Looks tidy and wont get caught in anything.

When completed and dry,

Bring glovebox back to the car

Ensure positive and negative feeds are correctly identified and attached to the USB socket:


Earth feed:

With the glovebox still removed; look inside the area to see a bolt securing a crimped ring terminal earth feed:


Remove bolt and cut the earth feed to the desired length followed by crimping on a replacement ring terminal:

Loop ring terminal on to bolt just like a washer and insert bolt back in to place.






Flip down passenger fuse box,

Fish positive feed from socket down to the fuse board area and obtain the piggy back adaptor:


Cut the positive feed to desired length,


Strip terminal and crimp on the piggy back adaptor.

Remove fuse from the USB power supply kit loom and insert it in to top socket of the piggyback adaptor:



With glovebox work now complete,

Route cables from both cameras in through to DVR unit,

Plug in camera feeds following the power feed.


Still folds up hidden out of direct view and obstruction 🙂

Secure all 7 screws and return all items to glovebox;


Final task now is fitting the piggy back fuse to a switched ignition live feed in the passenger footwell fuse board.

Ive gotta edit this section as i study Haynes manual in search of a switched live fuse location on the board.

Unplug fuse: F100

Insert this fuse in to piggy back adaptor,

Insert piggyback in to original fuse location in slot F100

Ill also insert images of removing panels and insert them among the text.

The DVR unit can then be flipped up and locked,

Now hidden from view and no obstruction to the standard operation of the glovebox.

It records automatically no need to touch it 🙂


Working on this guide across the next few days guys,

I've gotta back fill with images but we will get there by New Years day 🙂

Thanks for viewing my guide,

See my other guides linked on my Profile page.


My Full list of Guides can be viewed here link: http://www.fordownersclub.com/forums/topic/68214-full-list-lennys-guides/ 



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(Aye no problem!)

good man, been looking for a kit like that, having these !Removed! great screens on display has always seemed a tad daft to me. be good if you get the chance to post some youtube vids of day night recording quality too?

one thing though, the state of your cars back end is shocking! ;)

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(Aye no problem!)good man, been looking for a kit like that, having these !Removed! great screens on display has always seemed a tad daft to me. be good if you get the chance to post some youtube vids of day night recording quality too?one thing though, the state of your cars back end is shocking! ;)

Front and rear 10 minute video uploading now mate,

It records two separate full screen videos front and rear in durations of 10 minutes seamless back to back lots of 10 minutes,

Car hasn't been washed since September meet lol too busy modding,

I agree with full box dash cam on display,

Ok if you have an accident and its not your fault,

The person that caused it is standing at your door,

You say "i have it all on camera"

He's got no insurance,

Grabs your camera and fleas the scene,

Now what have ya?

Atleast hidden in the glovebox its out of arms reach and tidy.

Uploading now, play both at same time for full effect :)

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Nice, records well during the day, Can you make out reg plates ok though or is that youtube compression getting in the way? im on a small tablet just now so it could just be me...

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Nice, records well during the day, Can you make out reg plates ok though or is that youtube compression getting in the way? im on a small tablet just now so it could just be me...

Im on a 2.5" android phone mate,

Transferred the card from DVR to phone then upload via YouTube app :)

I haven't got a laptop but when you pause and zoom in you can read reg pretty good,

Both videos of same trip are up now,

It does well at night too,

Ill upload night video at later date.

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You never know what you might see on your Dash Cam 🙂


I was up visiting family over Christmas,

The below footage was recorded on my two hour journey home,

Road conditions were poor,

Very icy late December -3 degrees

I was doing around 50kmh

Couldnt do more because rear end would start swinging,


First we see a bmw skidding on black ice and pulls over no problem there.

However Despite the conditions to my shock&Aww a Seat Leon full of passengers overtakes me and a stream of cars behind me and fly's on,

Two minutes later i see him out checking the damage done to his left wing having skid out of control met the barrier on road side.

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  • 6 months later...

To confirm for the earlier MK2 focus the fuse is F70 and not F100 - Thanks to Lenny for confirming this and Stoney for hosting the files

Stoneys fuse diagram here: http://www.fordownersclub.com/forums/tutorials/article/31-mk2-focus-fuseboards-and-fuse-locations/

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  • 3 months later...

Punto almost ended on my bonnet

passenger proceeded to stick his fingers up at me as I drove past 😯

as if he had anything to do with it,

Also driving with only one headlight as you can see in rear view camera aswell 😠

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  • 1 month later...


are your dashcams powered 24/7 or ignition only?

mine is currently ignition only so if my car was parked up and hit i'd have nothing. Not sure whether to change it to 24/7 power...

your thoughts please.

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Mine is only on ignition live. There is only about 5 hrs of HD recording space on a 32Mb SD card so it would be over-written a few times just parked up over night so you would probably miss anything happening unless it was an hour or two in Sainsburys carpark. (to be fair this is probably where most risk is anyway). There are some dashcams which have motion sensors but I have read that most are either too sensitive or not enough, or not quick enough to catch things before they happen. I don't think the power consumption is too much to drain the battery unless the car is parked up for days or weeks at a time so that shouldn't be an issue.

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On 12/6/2015 at 6:58 PM, salsheikh said:


are your dashcams powered 24/7 or ignition only?

mine is currently ignition only so if my car was parked up and hit i'd have nothing. Not sure whether to change it to 24/7 power...

your thoughts please.

my HD dual camera system is ignition live,

The unit itself has a built in battery and does support wake up on sensing movement

but I haven't got that active.

I do have decals which are 24/7 though 😀




With the dual system saw in this fitting guide i get a total of 34 hours of recording Footage in 720P HD on to a 32Gb micro SD card 👍

it files them in seamless lots of 10 minute streams not a second lost and makes the recordings easier to find and edit.


17 hours front cam 720P HD🎥


17 hours rear cam 720P HD🎥

all on a 32GB micro SD card which can then be removed from the dash cam device and plugged in to most mobile phones and upload to YouTube, emailed or whatever.

The system never automatically overwrites itself,

I manually clear my memory once a week via the device itself providing there's nothing I want to document. If there is; then I transfer the MicroSD card to my phone for uploading to Youtube👍

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well, here's what i found:

Card Capacity Full HD 1080P 30fps HD 720P 30fps

8GB 1hr 10 min 2hr 10 min
16GB 2hr 20 min 4hr 20 min
32GB 4hr 40 min 8hr 50 min

extremely disappointing results :unsure:

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Here's a picture of mine displaying the hours of recording time remaining just so you can see I'm telling the truth 17 hours 5 minutes 31 seconds from both camera's at 30 Frames per second in 720P HD


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does your camera system have a battery? I have an option to return mine so might get one like yours (the seller doesnt sell this model any more - any recommendations?)


Yes it has an internal battery mate,

It's built inside not sure how long it lasts,

Here's the model I have as featured in the guide.

Link: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/361238633396

And here's a newer version

link: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/141796447102

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does that have parking mode?

my camera just paid for itself because of parking mode, without it id have had to pay out the excess on my insurance and get clobbered with higher rates

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does that have parking mode?

my camera just paid for itself because of parking mode, without it id have had to pay out the excess on my insurance and get clobbered with higher rates

it has built in battery supply and can be set to wake up and record movement but I've not tried that setting,
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does that have parking mode?

my camera just paid for itself because of parking mode, without it id have had to pay out the excess on my insurance and get clobbered with higher rates

what is parking mode?

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