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2013 1.6Tdci Econetic Fiesta Fan Problem?


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Owned car for six months purchased from Ford dealer. Has 14000 miles on the clock. Noticed this issue a few times from new and it happens in warm or cold weather. Car mainly driven on short countryside journeys into town in 4th or 5th gear.

I switch the engine off. I fan comes on and runs for 5-10 minutes and then turns off. It's a loud fan and very noticeable. The engine temperature light always sits at the same spot around 4 blue bars and never changes. The Ford focus 2007 diesel I has before this one never did this. Normal or problem?

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Once, when I got my '10 Fiesta 1.6TDCI back from the garage, the fan was stuck on, SCREAMING it's head off! The mechanic had to come out (I was refusing to drive it back to the garage) and - after telling me that it's a "known fault" with Fiestas *, he wiggled either the R2 or R3 fuse (the big grey one) and the fan stopped.

The fan has worked fine every since.


(* Not entirely sure I believed him, considering he'd lied about everything else...)

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