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Roger Metcalf

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  • 10 months later...

I have just taken ownership of a 55 plate StreetKa, and hoping that someone can point me in the direction of, or provide me with a workshop manual for the car.

I see others have posted similar requests, but it's not clear if their requests were fruitful or not.

Can anyone help me?

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I used this full Street ka online manual for all my Repairs and they all went to plan.

It's free if you don't mind on screen prompts or donate PayPal for a ad free version.

I found the section I needed then frame grabbed the page and printed it out. Or use a tablet if you don't mind it getting dirty.

Use the index under PayPal button to navigate the book.Here is the link http://workshop-manuals.com/ford/streetka_2003.5_01.2003-07.2005/mechanical_repairs/1_general_information/100_service_information/100-00_general_information/description_and_operation/about_this_manual/

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Thanks for the feedback gents, most appreciated. I've read that there is a 6.5GB downloadable manual, but every source I find, wants money for it. I've never had to pay for a manual for any car yet. Are there any other ideas? The top link provided above looks somewhat useful, but no way user friendly or comprehensive for covering all details of the car. For instance, I suspect the Heater Control Valve has gone on this car, as the fans only blow hot air, not cold. Also, the A/C doesn't seem to be working. This manual doesn't seem to hold the information i'd be looking for, to try and assess and fix these parts on the car. Simple things too, like filter changes etc, there doesn't seem to be illustrated diagrams or the like to show you where to find bleed points or fill points etc. This is my first FORD, and I have to say that if this is the best information base you can get for maintaining your car, then its by far the poorest across all manufacturers i've ever had the pleasure of dealing with.

Can no one else help provide me with anything to help me on my way with this new car? Thanks in advance.

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You want the Ford TIS Cd.

On eBay for a few quid.

I got a copy but it doesnt install properly in Windows 10 so its useless for modern OS.


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Do you know how to use FTP?

Easy to check your AC I just did mine and its empty - There are two valves on the AC cylinder left hand side rear of the engine - Shrader valves - you can either connect a pressure meter or simply just press the pin in - in my case nothing happened because its completely empty - You can refill it yourself using a kit off the internet £20 or pay £60+ for a garage to do it - If there are other leaks in the piping leading from the can then it will all leak out again so ideally you need a pro to test for leaks - refrigeration engineers can do it.

Or just take the chance for £20 squid.

In this country who needs AC anyway!

We can all help you on here!

Delboy is a bit of a genius!

I usually work on Lotus and Ford Escort and Rover but since buying this heap of !Removed! i am learning fast about all its foibles shall we say and there are many - its easily the most cramped engine (apart from my Lotus Excel) to work on , has some really cheapo savings - ie no shrader vavle to check the fuel pressure , tyres wear out quickly - many things that can affect fuel consumption.

My best piece of advice is to get yourself an OBD tester - you might find your O2 sensor is faulty , map sensor , ICV and more seem to be very unreliable. Heated seats non-op are a recent nightmare issue.

I have a new problem on this Streetka almost every week - maybe you should consider torching it!


I dont have a manual either so am learning by my mistakes and from the guys on here!

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