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Trouble Insuring My Fiesta Due To Unknown Model


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Hello everyone. Last year I bought a 1997/P 1.3 Fiesta with just 37k on the clock and one lady owner, full service record and very clean. It has the same engine and much the same spec as my Ka which failed its MOT with terminal chassis rust. There was a slight hitch when I came to updating my insurance with the new car as I couldn't find what model it was but they put it down as a Ghia. It turns out that might have invalidated the cover.

This year I'm shopping around for new insurance and having a heck of a time. In the log book it's down as a Fiesta Base, but no price comparison site or insurance advisor can find it on their computer systems models. It must be insured under the right model and level of trim.

I've searched high and low and compared it to other models on Wikipedia and other sites. The engine is Endura and the level of trim is five door, sunroof, PAS, PAB, central locking, electric front windows, rear heated window, radio/cassette. Not imported.

Does anyone else have experience of this? Surely it's not the only Fiesta Base in the world?

Thanks, Sooz

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Fiesta/ trim models and insuranceare not my area of expertese but -

In any given engine size (eg 1.3L) there are different trim levels, the car itself is basically identical (eg, same Shell etc) but there is more stuff stuck on the ghia trim for example

some trim levels are in the factory (eg,Popular, Popular Plus, L, LX, Ghia, 1.6S, XR2i, RS Turbo, RS1800, Fiesta, Louisiana, LA, DL, SX, Azura, Si, Classic, Classic Quartz, Classic Cabaret, Saphire)

Some were "specials" that were done in the dealers, usually to boost flagging sales (typically a couple of "extras" thrown in and a badge stuck on the tailgate)

Apart from dealers sticking extra kit on, owners may have retrofitted kit as well

The "base" model is usually the lowest or most basic available, perhaps the person that made out the log book put "base" (for base model) instead of "L" "LX" "popular" etc

What does it say on the bootlid?

Of course, when it comes to insurance, you must be careful

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Hi All, I must apologise ...I've been replying to all your messages individually when I receive an email but they don't seem to appear here.

I'm new to forums, can you tell?

OK, I bought the car from a reputable local dealer and the car belonged from new to a local lady. I have the full service history and receipts from a local garage where I had it MOT'd. I didn't think to check the VIN number against V5 but I will.

Your answers have been helpful ...FOCA's in particular. I discussed at length with the underwriter from AA insurance and he's put it down as LX for now but has asked me to contact DVLA and request that they update the V5 with correct model. I will then relay that info to the insurers so all should be well.

At present the V5 states: "Fiesta Base", "five-door hatchback" and "silver". That's it. It has an Endura engine. There's no badge on the boot lid or model description in the hand book. A mystery.

I believe the previous owner probably insured the car by picking a common model. When I first got it covered, the insurer selected "Ghia" ...but I suspect that might have caused problems if I'd made a claim.

Anyway problem is now solved unless i find the DVLA throw a spanner in the works. In which case I will take it up with the dealer.

Thanks to you all for your help and advice. Cheers :)

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Wow, I'm blown away by all your responses, thanks so much.

The latest is that I phoned DVLA this morning and they told me to contact Ford and ask them to supply the exact model information from the Reg + Vin. Still awaiting a reply. When I get it, I have to send their written verification and the V5 to get it updated. Then I inform the insurers. What a pallaver!

James, my reg is P477 LCF. If you really want to give it a go. That's kind of you. :)

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Just been on Etis for you Sooz.

"Unable to Locate Information for the Vehicle Data.

We are sorry, but no information could be found for the VIN/Registration number you entered - P477LCF "

None the wiser. ???

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Just tried askmid for you insurance database as they usually have a car description also and it's showing as uninsured, if you've just insured it check with them before taking it out anywhere :)

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I would like to thank you all for your replies and help. I have had a letter from Ford confirming that the car is a "Fiesta 1.3 Base Luxury Version". I imagine the Luxury version is LX.

It's very odd that it isn't listed in databases correctly but I can assure you that it's a perfectly legitimate make and model with no question of being imported, altered or stolen.

I'm waiting to hear whether i actually need the V5 amended since the description is correct with "Fiesta Base". I don't know how important it is to add "luxury".

I'm also waiting to hear back from the AA with whom it is insured.

Who would have thought such a perfectly normal car would be so difficult to identify?

Unless any of you have further thoughts I will mark this as solved tomorrow.

Happy new year to all!


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