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Mk3 Suspension Set Up


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Hi Guys!

I'm looking at upgrading the suspension of my Mk3 1.1 Panache.

I want to be dropping it around 60mm ideally.

(attached a photo of what it is now, its my daily, so not wanting to be stupid low)

Would my best option be springs (and/or) shocks or coilovers.

It is only a 1.1, so i don't want to be spending excessive amounts.

Any recommendation?

Thanks in advanced!


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Can you even get Coilovers for it? I'd just go with Springs but not 60MM, go for about 40MM, generally speaking on older motors going lower than that needs the arches chopping which on a Fraud leads to RUST!

Tbh given how rare than thing is it would be best to leave as standard, could pay off one day.

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Yes can get many types of coilovers for it!

I'm not sure if 40 would not be enough as I'm running 13"

Will not be messing with the arches as the car as a whole is immaculate with no rust what so ever.

It's already been played with so standard is out of the question really :)

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The tyre circumference will be the same though, also the lower you go the more the camber you get and the tyres will just wear excessively on the insides, regardless if it's coilovers or just springs.

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