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Hi there, I'm looking for a bit of help, I'm looking for a good dump valve for my 1litre black edition, I know it's going to be hard to find as it is a small turbo on a 1L, I'm getting an inter cooler with an integrated dump valve but I want a specific sound with mine, not completely satisfied with the *pshhh* sound, I want the one in this video at 55seconds :

Getting an ST is also not an option for me, + what is the maximum bhp for the rods and Pistons on this car

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You need a recirc valve not a dump valve otherwise it'll just blow air back into the turbo and stall it.

You can get them, Pumaspeed sell them I think, but just google Ecoboost 1.0 recirc valve and you'll find it, it's about £160 and you need to fit it, if you've never done it before then get a trained / experienced person to do it, you don't want to wreck the turbo by just giving it a go, very little room for error, but they do sound boss when fitted to ST's.

Changing the plastic piping to metal shields does a good job of amplifying the noise too a touch too, but it's all a lot of money just for a "whoooosh" and you'll never get anything like that 600BHP Single turbo conversion Supra as above, which is probably boosting around 40PSI there lol

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Don't get a dump valve, it may end up causing running issues, the car already has a recirc valve which dumps the air back into the intake which is why it's quieter. Fit an open cone induction kit and you will hear it more but nowhere near the cars in that video.

Pumaspeed are getting nearly upto 200bhp that might be on standard internals, ford have got over 200 out of it too but won't sell it.

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